Bioion products are 100% plants extract, which approved by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

- 100% Plants Extract
- Data approved by Technology 

   Research Institute of Osaka 

   Prefecture, Japan
- RO Water Based
- Eliminates Odor
- Kills 99.99% Germs
- Respond in 30 sec
- Disinfects & protects against virus 



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Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer is a RO water content, 100% plants extract ionization & biotechnological formulation researched & developed from Japan. Further lab-test by Sunao Kubota (a PhD holder in Medicine, Japan), confirms that Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer with its natural properties is effective and eco-safe for most usage.

It is also a fragrance-free deodorizer with sanitizing power that eliminates odor and kills 99.99% of bacteria commonly found airbone in any enclosed area, congested places or on any kind of surfaces. Ideal as cleansing agent, Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer flushes out contaminated air, surrounding your love ones and you with better air quality for a healthier living!

Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer is ideal for homes, toilets, washrooms, shoe closets, cupboards, in-car compartment, building lobbies, hotels, hospitals, education premises, receiption halls, factories, garbage & dumping areas and high-traffic areas.

Bio Ion Deo Sanitizer Product Features:

- 100% Plants Extract
- Data approved by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan
- RO Water Based
- Eliminates Odor
- Kills 99.99% Germs
- Respond in 30 sec
- Kills 99.99% Airborne Bacteria
- Disinfects & protects against virus infection
- Eliminates odor, cigarette smoke smell & food stench
- Rejuvenates, purifies & refreshes air quality.
- With fragrance / without fragrance.
- Two Sizes: 500ml & 15ml


BIO ION Categories

Automobile Care Product

Baby Care Product

Deo-Sanitizer Product

Hand & Body Sanitizer

Hand Foam Sanitizer

Household Care Product

Leather Ware Care Product

Pets Care Product

Toilet and Toiletries Product

Sanitize is to make clean and hygienic, reducing the number of organisms in an object. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by means of the hands.

Why We Need Sanitize?

The importance of sanitation cannot be over outlined, but it involves both household and environmental sanitation.Household sanitation also involves household food safety, and the maintenance of clean living conditions which do not promote the spread of disease.

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