Bioion products are 100% plants extract, which approved by Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

- 100% Plants Extract
- Data approved by Technology 

   Research Institute of Osaka 

   Prefecture, Japan
- RO Water Based
- Eliminates Odor
- Kills 99.99% Germs
- Respond in 30 sec
- Disinfects & protects against virus 



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Testimonial by Professor Sunao Kubota:


I have been appointed by the R&D Company (Japan), and manufacturer of Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer to perform a lab test and analysis for their 100% plants extract ionization and biotechnological product. My analysis confirms that Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer is effective and environmentally safe for usage in most areas.

Bio Ion Deo-Sanitizer can double up as a disinfectant against virus infection, food degradation and eliminates odor with its bacteria killing ability. Besides refreshing air quality, it is even safe to gargle in your mouth for virus infection as verified by the “Investigation for Human Sterilization Function, Japan”.

I personally believe that, if further researches is conducted on this product, it will not only disinfect or eliminates odor, but would contributes more towards medical care/ products such as disease prevention and environmental improvement.

SUNAO KUBOTA PhD in Medicine, Japan


A Case Study for Bio Ion Sanitizer – Kobe Oji Zoo (Japan), September 2010

Kobe Oji Zoo were having problems with odours in the building as well as seriously injured or sick animals to be addressed.

The Bio Ion Deodorizer / Sanitizer was introduced and used here. The following are the examples:

Case 1: Asian elephant “Suwako” pressure sores (Yokusou same) and treatment of nail abscess

Asian elephant “Suwako” pressure sores

The oldest in Japan (age 64) Suwako the Asian elephant is heavy weight. At night, while lying down to sleep, the ankle is susceptible to injury in the subcutaneous tissue and skin near the cheek. The affected areas are cleansed using Bio Ion daily to prevent progression and recurrence, after using the problem had been eradicated and cleaned. Crack and abscesses inside the brittle nails are also washed using Bio Ion.

Case 2: Treatment of Pressure ulcers (Yokusou same) for Minamishirosai

Treatment of Pressure ulcers (Yokusou same) for Minamishirosai

Minamishirosai (age 23, male) with estimated weight of more than two tons had pressure sores on the outside of the thigh. As in the daily use of Bio Ion on Suwako, the Asian elephant, the product had been used here as well to eradicate and control the pressure sores.

Case 3: Abscess (Youbunouyou come) on cheek of deer

Abscess (Youbunouyou come) on cheek of deer

The deer are grazing animals, so they have a common problem of abscess on the cheek skin caused stems of plants. To clean the surgical area during surgery to remove an abscess, Bio Ion was used.

Case 4: Abscess (As Hikanou) treatment on Snow Leopard

Abscess (As Hikanou) treatment on Snow Leopard

Carnivores such as the snow leopards are very subjected to skin necrosis caused by bite or self-destruction. In this case, Bio Ion was used to clean the affected areas which accounts for one third of the back of snow leopards.

BIO ION Categories

Automobile Care Product

Baby Care Product

Deo-Sanitizer Product

Hand & Body Sanitizer

Hand Foam Sanitizer

Household Care Product

Leather Ware Care Product

Pets Care Product

Toilet and Toiletries Product

Sanitize is to make clean and hygienic, reducing the number of organisms in an object. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, 80% of all infectious diseases are spread by means of the hands.

Why We Need Sanitize?

The importance of sanitation cannot be over outlined, but it involves both household and environmental sanitation.Household sanitation also involves household food safety, and the maintenance of clean living conditions which do not promote the spread of disease.

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